2015.03.17. 13:34

On behalf of the Institute for Media Studies (Media Council of Hungary) and the Media Studies Research Group (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), we are delighted to invite you to the International Conference Media Freedom and Regulation in the New Media World in Budapest, Hungary. 

Impact of Over-The-Top Content Services on the Media System

2015.01.09. 10:04

This document is divided into three main parts. In the first part we describe the visible trends of developments affecting the media system; the second part presents an overview of the market of online content providers, market participants, trends and service provider strategies. The main emphasis, however, is placed on the third part, which is dedicated to regulatory challenges. In this part we collected the questions that may affect (i) consumers, viewers (ii) media content providers, (iii) electronic communications operators and (iv) OTT service providers. 

How much should the internet be regulated?

2014.10.10. 15:33

Keynote speech, EBU Legal and Public Affairs Assembly, Budapest, 9-10 October 2014.


2014.02.11. 10:04

On the International Conference Entitled "The Current Challenges of European Media Regulation" (Budapest, Hotel Corinthia Szálló, 17th December 2013) and

The 2-Day Round-table Organized within the Framework of the Cooperation between the National Media and Infocommunications Authority and the European Council (Budapest, Hotel Corinthia Szálló, 10th-11th December 2013)

The Code Of Public Service Media

2013.12.19. 14:44

The Fundamental Document of Hungarian public service media

The Klubrádió case

2013.05.17. 14:40

Tender procedure concerning the 95.3 MHz frequency in Budapest

On the 25 Assertions of the Freedom House Report

2012.05.17. 11:43

The U.S. – based Freedom House published its annual report at the beginning of May 2012 whereby it evaluated the status of the freedom of the press in 197 different countries in 2011. 

Open letter to Dr. Kim Lane Scheppele

2012.03.27. 09:46

We are deeply honored by and appreciative of your distinct interest in Hungarian media regulation, which as far as I know goes back quite some time. Yet, I am saddened to see that the amassing of accurate and in-depth information about our legislation remains a challenge, more than a year after its coming into force.

The meaning of the freedom of the press

2012.02.01. 16:26

The first advocates of freedom of speech, because of the nature of the social order at the timewhen the need for freedom was first articulated, primarily preached the need for independencefrom the State.

Constitutional questions of the new Hungarian Media Regulations

2012.02.02. 15:29

One of the sad experiences regarding the professional debate surrounding the new Hungarian media regulations is that a large majority of the opponents criticizing the new  laws on theoretical bases believe that they possess unquestionable wisdom and know the only possible path that would lead to a democratic, constitutional media legislation.

Understanding media services and press products in the new Hungarian Media Regulation

2012.01.25. 16:32

The European Union adjusted its audiovisual regulation to the digital environment in 2007. Within the framework of this, the most significant change was that the scope of the Television Without Frontiers Directive was extended to a certain group of "Internet services", the socalled on-demand, nonlinear audiovisual media services based on individual needs.